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Revolutionizing software development with AI: How algorithms are transforming requirement gathering and analysis

As software engineers keep improving artificial intelligence to find new ways to help us all in our daily lives, I’d like to turn our attention to using the same tools to make the processes that make software more efficient. AI algorithms can look at unstructured text, such as user stories or requirements documents, and pull

10 Essential Life Lessons for Software Engineers

My original plan for this blog post was to be a simple summary, but I’ve decided to go into detail with a unique blog article for each life lesson. Along the way, I’ll introduce how emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be leveraged to make an impact on a particular lesson as well. As a software

Maximizing Productivity: The Importance of Being Proactive in Problem-Solving

In this fifth article in the series of Life Lessons of a Software Engineer, we explore the lesson of being proactive in problem-solving and seeking out solutions quickly to address issues as they arise. As people and as a society, we always have problems and challenges to deal with. It can be tempting to wait

How to Query SQL Server XML data type Columns in Entity Framework Core 3.x

I’m sure if you’ve found this page, you’re at wits end in trying to figure out how to use the long-built-in XML query functionality of SQL Server while using Entity Framework, Dapper, or other ORM. Some might find it easy to simply write their query in plain SQL and execute it. However in my case,