Rob Kennedy

Father, Leader, Author, Developer, Entrepreneur

My Purpose

I believe without defining your core purpose, you’ll never be happy, achieve your dreams, or truly be successful.

Speaking at Conference

My Purpose is to help others through digital innovations, motivate others to be better humans; setting an example for my son.

Rob Kennedy

I’m writing a book with the working title Living an agile life, that specifically calls out how to unlock the processes necessary to achieve your goals and dreams. Defining a purpose or core mantra is central to any undertaking and will drive the discipline of the individual to continue to work toward their goals when detours are thrown in their way that would otherwise make them quit or change direction.

That’s it. It’s as simple as boiling down your “Why” into a simple statement: “I want to do this because ______ which helps me fulfill my purpose of _____.”

If you haven’t found your purpose, it’s OK. You will find it and change it as you move through your life. My purpose might be tweaked here and there throughout the remainder of my life, but it was important for me to discover my reason for doing what I love to do. It’s important you do the same before taking action on any goal you might have. Finding your core purpose first will help drive you to have the discipline to complete the actions necessary to fulfill your purpose. Each action leads to the greater goal which finally contributes to your life’s purpose.


Signed With Love